NCA Registration and Renewals

The National Construction Authority (NCA) is a government organization which regulates, streamlines and builds capacity in the construction industry Kenya and Every Contractors in Kenya will need to Register and renew their licenses every year

Our Aim is to assist Clients to Register NCA and Renewal of NCA licenses every year for all Categories of Work that are regulated by National construction authority the body mandated to register all contractors and companies carrying the following categories of work:

  • Building works
  • Road works
  • Water works
  • Mechanical works in buildings
  • Electrical works

Requirements for NCA registration in Kenya

  1. Copy of Registration Documents of the Business.
  2. Current CR12 in case of a limited company.
  3. Copy of Company or Business PIN.
  4. Current Tax Compliance certificate.
  5. Physical address of the Contractor. Address includes road, plot number and town
  6. Academic credentials of technically qualified director or employee of the company.
  7. If applying for Electrical contractor, relevant registration certificate from the Energy Regulation authority.
  8. Audited accounts
  9. Copy of ID and PIN and for the applicants

We have Different Classes of Construction Works and These Classes Includes, NCA 1,NCA 2,NCA 3 NCA4,NCA5,NCA6,NCA7 and NCA 8, For More information about NCA services in Kenya feel free to get in touch with us